Department of System Design Engineering

Department of System Design Engineering Keio University

3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohokuku, Yokohama 223-8522 Japan
4F(26 – 402B)Keio University Yagami Campus
TEL:Secretary +81-45-566-1719
TEL:Direct-in +81-45-563-1151(+ext)

Route map around Keio University.


Access to the Yagami Campus

Route 1: Route passing through Hiyoshi Campus There is less traffic on this route, thus is relatively safe. There are stairs on the way.

Route 2: Route walking along Tsunashima Road. You don't have to take stairs on this route, but watch out for traffic. If you are driving to our campus, turn right/left at Nakanotani Intersection on Tsunashima Road.


15min. walk from Hiyoshi Station (1km)
(Tokyu Toyoko-Meguro Line or Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line) *Tokyu Toyoko Line Ltd.Express trains do not stop at Hiyoshi Station.

10min. by taxi from Shin-Kawasaki Station(2km)
(JR Yokosuka Line).