Software License

About SD Engineering Department Microsoft Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)


Please find the details at:

2. Usage limitations

For research and educational purposes only, all faculties and students who belong to the SD Engineering Department can utilize a series of development software such as Windows OS (Vista business, XP, etc…) and server products including Microsoft SQL Server SDK, DDK, Visio, Visual Studio and others. They can be installed without any limitation in a number of installed units. Also, they can be used in 10 different languages.

Office products such as Word and Excel are excluded.

Students who take more than 1 subject in the SD Department can use MSDNAA. It is possible to install the software in their personal or home PC. However, those who do not (graduate, Ph.D. students) may not install it in their personal or home PC.

If you graduated from the SD Engineering Department after installing, you do not need to uninstall it. However, once you have graduated, you cannot install MSDAA of the SD Engineering Department.

3. Terms of use

It cannot be used for commercial purposes. It cannot be used for managing student学information, hosting email servers and actual e-commerce transactions.

4. Differences from the campus alliance

There is a contract for only the faculties to use Microsoft Products free of charge. Such requests are received at ITC, so please feel free to use Campus Alliance as well.

5. How to use it

SD Engineering Department students
Please use a download service using the dedicated site. You may download the software free of charge and run it directly, utilize a virtual drive software, or burn it onto CD or DVD. In order to download, a dedicated account is required. Your account will be generated individually. Please email us your student ID number, grade (your laboratory name), name and purpose of the use to

If you have difficulty with installation, we have media to lend you. If you wish to borrow the media, please access and fill in:
and deliver the application form along with your contact address to department