Coursework and Features

The “basic core” courses fall into five groups: energy, mechanics, manufacturing, control, and electronics. Engineering theory, practical exercises, experiments and math-related subjects comprise “core” courses, intended to motivate students. These courses create an interdisciplinary program that moves progressively into a multitude of applied areas. The curriculum encompasses the “basic core” and “core” coursework, as well as other courses focused on applications.

Three Axes for General Application of Basic Technology

Our aim is the construction of a new interdisciplinary engineering program to make engineering more accessible to people and societies. Traditional engineering disciplines have focused on the analysis of natural phenomena, and design and composition based on engineering laws and theories. To these two axes, it is necessary to add a third: the environment. It is indispensable to consider the environment in which systems operate, and the mutual compatibilities. The essence of the System Design Engineering Department lies in considering the analysis and design of systems from this three-dimensional perspective.