Engineers, just like artists, begin their creative activities on a blank canvas. Starting with a concept, they move on to the creative development of concrete products in the physical world. It is as if they are “drawing” (designing) images on a canvas called “environmental space”, which consists of people, society and nature, using various “modeling” brushes. In consideration of harmony with the environment, system design engineering is a new paradigm of study centered on people that transforms energy and processes information and materials in the system space.

■Areas of Promise for the Future and Key Characteristics
The goal of system design engineering lies in the creation of innovative technologies through the interaction of basic elements in engineering. This can be compared to great trees sprouting from the basic, essential subjects at their roots. The department strives to develop a new paradigm for system design engineering to be widely implemented in society, ranging from the scales of nanotechnology to those of the universe. This paradigm encompasses a broad range of fields such as nanotechnology, mechatronics, robotics, energy, environment, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, control systems, architecture, spatial design, information networks, and aerospace engineering. In addition, this new paradigm calls for interdisciplinary learning and research methods. System design engineering creates the possibility for cooperation and coordination across disparate disciplines.


■Three Axes for Comprehensive use of Fundamental Technology
We aim to build a new and interdisciplinary engineering field that is open to people and society. In order to realize this, in addition to an analysis-based dimension that explores the essence of phenomena that conventional engineering had, and a design and synthesis-based dimension that is based on laws and logic, we have to consider a three-dimensional expansion that adds another axis representing harmony with various environments that surround systems. Considering system analysis and design, in such a dimensional expansion, is the essence of the system design engineering.

The principle of Department of
System Design Engineering Education